LittleMan Says...

(a photoessay introduction of sorts)


LittleMan usually says, "walk."


Sometimes LittleMan says, "ride the pony."


LittleMan says, "hike!"


LittleMan says, "teeter totter!"

LittleMan says,
"you reap what you sow."


LittleMan suggests you always
throw back a few cold ones before
getting behind the wheel.




LittleMan says, "your shit
might not stink,
but your
dog's sure does."


LittleMan believes in reincarnation.


LittleMan is PC


Sometimes LittleMan likes
to pretend he's Jesus.
               Which is not so PC.


LittleMan is also a gentleman.


A glimpse of LittleMan as a child.
(aka LittleBoy)


LittleMan gives a hoot.
He does not pollute.


LittleMan is literate.


LittleMan says, "surf's up, dude!"



LittleMan says, "whew! I'm plumb tuckered out...."





As promised, here is the photoessay (of sorts), by LittleMan. Thanks for your patience while the site administrators traveled across the country. Please submit more things to Baja Phats Presents. For submitting, you will be automatically entered into the grand prize drawing, as organized by Secho.


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