Two lists

by Secho

The ten words that I want on my resume, but can't find a place for:

10. Surly
9. Cinder
8. Olympic-sized
7. Beast
6. Fistfucking
5. Dizzy
4. Beatdown
3. Mafioso
2. Deciduous
1. Gubernatorial


The ten best bands I, Secho, have worked with:

10. Robot Taco Casino (bassist)
9. Ten Things I Hate About Perry Como (vocalist/songwriter)
8. Guv’nor (arranger)
7. The Sad Pandas (costumer)
6. Eat That! (lute)
5. Secho Glockenspiel Jr. and the Hindenburg Disaster (conductor)
4. There Is No Parking In The Red Zone (percussion)
3. The Deleted Scenes (lead guitar)
2. The Hippest Cats East of the Twelve Deuce (second hippest cat)
1. Hans Blix and the Cellos of Mass Destruction (bombastic cello)


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Moving Day by Erin
the morning train by Fuzzy Winkerbean
surrealism by Secho


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