The Baja PHAQ v1.000000

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Q: What is a Baja Phats?

A: A unit of measurement, equal to approximately 3.7 stones. As in, "This box of bananas is heavy, I think it weighs an entire Baja Phats." Even in common usage, Baja Phats is to be capitalized. Baja Phats is also the collective name of an apartment that once housed Jason, Ivan, Secho, and Ben.

Q: Can we learn more about the people of Baja Phats?

A: I suppose.

Jason graduated from Northwestern University in 1999 with a degree in economics and poetry. He aspires to be America's first "monkeytologist."

Ivan graduated from Northwestern in 1999 with a degree in radio/tv/film, just three years after becoming an American citizen. He is comissioner of the North American Basketball League.

Secho graduated fron Northwestern in 1999 with a degree in communications. He wore the same Halloween costume every year as a child.

Ben Timberlake graduated fron Northwestern in 2000 with a degree in english. He is a past winner of the First Annual Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence.

Q: So, you all don't still live together, right?

A: No, Baja Phats the apartment was together only for about two short years. We moved in together in September 1997 and moved out in June 1999. Jason lives in Chicago. Ben lives in Canon City, Colorado. Ivan lives in Los Angeles. Secho lives in Portland, Oregon.

Q: Were there any other member of Baja Phats?

A: Well, technically, our extended group of friends keep in touch through an internet listserv known as the "Phatserv," and they are, by extension, Baja Phatsians at heart.

In the physical sense, there were only two others who resided at Baja Phats between 9/97 and 6/99. They were Dew and Saif. Dew rose to relative fame as an on-air reporter for the show "Preps Plus" on WGN-TV. Saif's situation was quite different, and while it is a great story I am hesitant to exploit it on our site. Daily Northwestern articles about the situation have been taken down from their site, but there is a news brief up at The Daily Oklahoman. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to see the story.

Q: Hey, can I join the Phatserv?

A: No.

Q: How did you guys meet?

A: Well, we met each other in the Communications Residential College (CRC) at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. A recent picture of the residents of Red One at CRC (Secho, Ben, and Ivan's former suite) confirms that we were definitely more bad-ass than them.

Q: Why muni bonds?

A: They save you taxes, dumbass.

Q: Do your other apartments have names?

A: Jason and Secho lived in an apartment called Barry Gardner for one year after college. Ben lived in "Baja Mabel" during his senior year. Ben now lives in a house called "Awesome Fun."

Q: What is a Secho?

A: Secho runs a socket listener on a given port and echos the data received.

For Example:

[c-cook] > secho 8888 &
Port = 8888
secho [21606]: Listening for connection 1....
[1] 21606
[c-cook] > telnet localhost 8888
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
secho [21606]: Listening for connection 2....
secho [21608]: 1: connect from localhost ( port 4833
secho [21608]: 1: hi
telnet> q
secho [21608]: Exiting
Connection closed.

Secho is also the common nickname for the Baja Phatsian whose real name is Scott.

Q: Do you have friends?

A: What, you wouldn't want to hang out with us?. Our collective group of friends is commonly referred to as "The Friend Group." Erin has a Friend Group home page under construction. It is rumored that the Friend Group has an executive board, but its existence has never been proven, though several meetings have been held informally.

Q: Is there anything else we should know?

A: It is clear that no mail is delivered on Dillo Day, and despite news to the contrary, Perry Como is doing just fine.






Baja PHAQ created by Secho. Last updated 1/1/02.